Coronavirus / COVID-19

Coronavirus management in our services

At Next Steps we continue to view the risks of coronavirus incredibly seriously and are committed to ensuring we do everything we can to keep the people we support safe. Every precaution to minimise the risk of infection is taken and we continuously follow all government guidance closely. Policy and procedural review and update are conducted at regular intervals to provide the safest and best support possible for our clients and staff.

Visitors Agreement

Before any visitor enters a service, they must agree and comply with the following:

  • Clean your hands-on arrival.
  • They MUST NOT visit if they have a temperature; new cough or have recently noticed loss or altered sense of smell or taste
  • Put on type IIR surgical mask (Fluid Repellent) remember cloth masks or visors without masks are not suitable.
  • Always maintain a distance of 2 metres, unless providing personal care
  • Have temperature taken, if requested.
  • Clean their hands after removing and placing PPE in a suitable bin and before applying fresh PPE; for instance, when changing disposable gloves or disposable apron between residents.
  • Leave their details for Contact Tracing (external visitors)
  • Clean their hands before leaving.

Please note that visits will not be permitted in the case of an outbreak in the service.

Our process is based on the latest government guidance.


We will continue to transition new clients into our services, however we do recognise that some people we welcome may have COVID-19 but be asymptomatic. We will require a test confirmation that any new client is clear of Coronavirus prior to them starting with us. Discharges from our services may be delayed under current circumstances but we will ensure any delay is minimised by continuing to complete individual risk assessments and work in the best interests of the people we support. At the forefront, our aim is to maintain safety and minimise all risks of coronavirus to our clients, their families, and to our staffing teams.


We continue to encourage a healthy schedule of activities whilst maintaining observance of social distancing measures and ensuring our clients are as happy and comfortable as they can be. If you have any concerns or would like to ask us any questions, please contact us by emailing