Our services are regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission, and we are committed to upholding high standards of governance and values of transparency and honesty throughout our organisation. We have always taken a person-centred approach to the people we support, placing you and your experiences at the forefront of our quality assurance and decision-making processes.

Our Quality team are experts by experience and help to give all individuals we support a voice. The Next Steps Quality Assurance team, known as TASEQ (Team and Service Equals Quality) meet regularly to discuss service direction and provide feedback. The team is made up from all aspects of Next Steps; staff, managers, parents, and family members of clients and most importantly our clients themselves. We understand how important it is that the people who use our services have a platform by which they can share their views, feedback, and experiences as this is what helps us to shape our organisation in the best way for you; the people that matter the most. We are inspired by the people we support and your families; your involvement is what helps us enhance our services and maintain the highest standards in line with current legislation and regulations.

Next Steps conduct a range of quality assurance measures, including unannounced visits to services by members of the senior management team who assess the performance of the service against the national standards and our own high expectations. Regular auditing over different timescales allows us to check and re-check that our quality assurance measures are working and that we are exceeding standards. The experience of people using our services and their relatives is particularly important to us. Questionnaires, outcomes from services contribute to the internal assessment of outcomes for the people we support.