Complex Needs

We believe that complex needs does not mean that someone cannot lead a life that is full of experiences, independence, and positivity. We believe fully in the abilities and capabilities of everyone and want to instil a sense of ambition, desire, and drive in both the people we support and work alongside. For those who feel their life has been limited and restrained; those who have been enveloped by negativity and not allowed to flourish; where doors have locked and challenges never accepted- Next Steps has belief and wants to see you grow, develop, and thrive within an environment that is focused on you and your progression towards greater independence.

Working in close partnership with you, your family, local authorities, and commissioners we will establish the right goals, recruit, and train the right support teams, and source the right housing for you. We are passionate about the people we support living full, meaningful lives and thriving within society. As a response to the Winterbourne crisis, we have developed services that support individuals who have been living in hospital, secure facilities or Assessment and Treatment Units, often out of borough. We successfully support many people to achieve their full potential, including those that have been described as complex and challenging.