What people say about us


Lisa is a Next Steps employee, working within one of our services in Hertfordshire. She started working for Next Steps in 2015 as a Support Worker. After displaying strong leadership skills and commitment, she was promoted to Team Leader.

We strongly believe in developing employees from within the company and investing in team development. This helps us to provide high quality and consistent support and it inspires our teams to stay with us and maximise their potential


Gemma is a Next Steps client, who started her journey with Next Steps in 2017. She lives in her own home in London and is given 24-7 support by her bespoke team.

We are passionate advocates for our clients to live as independently as possible, within their own homes or out in the community. We support them to maximise their independence and autonomy and encourage them to take positive risks. Through quality support and housing, we equip people with the confidence, self-esteem, and life skills they need to live independently, whether that’s for the first time or following a significant change in circumstances. Our teams strive to create an impact in their lives, and we are driven by working together for great outcomes for the individuals we support.


Joan is a Next Steps client, who came to us as part of the winterbourne project. Joan started her journey with Next Steps in 2014. She lives in her own home in Hertfordshire and is given 24-7 support by her bespoke team.

We have extensive experience in transitioning and moving our clients from various settings (hospitals, residential homes, and other providers) into supported living. We’ve developed several services that responded to the winterbourne crisis. These services support individuals who have been living in hospital, secure facilities or Assessment and Treatment Units, often out of borough. Many have complex, profound, and multiple disabilities and behaviour that can significantly challenge.


Richard is a parent of 2 Next Steps clients, Andrea & Shaun. Andrea started her journey with Next Steps in 2009, Shaun then followed in 2013. They both live separately in their own home in Northamptonshire and is given 24-7 support by their bespoke team.

Our teams work in partnership with families alongside multi-disciplinary teams placing an emphasis on providing a person-centred approach to identify goals and produce clear wellbeing outcomes for clients. Our proposed delivery model support is built around the individual and we adapt the support we provide regularly. The level of support varies dependent on the individual’s needs; we offer everything from 24-hour support to a few hours a day.