Learning Disabilities

We understand and appreciate that people with a learning disability can face difficulties that others do not. This can range from everyday tasks such as managing household chores to budgeting and socialising. Particularly with socialising this can come down to a lack of understanding about how to do it in a safe and socially acceptable manner. We will support you every step of the way, no matter what barriers or hurdles there are to overcome, we will always be alongside you when you need a supporting hand.

We want to see you succeed and achieve things- simple things and things you never thought possible. Whatever the activity, whatever the need or motivation, whether it is something at home, within your community, education, or employment; we will always be behind you and committed to providing exceptional care and support so that you can achieve your dreams. We will work in partnership with you and the other people within your support network to make sure your support plan and the support given by our staff is inclusive and specific to your needs. Where your needs, goals, or aspirations change, we will change along with them, ensuring that our staff are given specific learning disability training and all the tools to support you to succeed.