Our support for autistic people is designed around your needs, interests, and preferences, so we are experts in supporting you to live the life you want – where, how and with whom you choose. We are committed to providing exceptional specialist autism care and support for you, we will work with you to create your support plan and involve you in choosing your support workers, providing you with specialist staff who understand you and your autism.

Bespoke service design is built around your individual needs. We will make sure that the environment is the right one for you and that your sensory needs are met, considering everything from the location and design of the building to the interior decoration and furnishings. All our staff are trained in autism awareness and receive extra training as part of our ongoing training programme. We also consider the routines and activities which take place at the service. These will reflect the challenges and needs of those who live there, particularly around sensory-perceptual issues, communication, socialisation and flexibility of thought and behaviour.