Mental Health

Mental health is something that we can all relate to and something we provide support for in all services.

We work in collaboration with external professionals to provide specialist mental health services to support people with a diagnosed mental health condition, which can be anything from:

• Anxiety and panic disorders
• Bipolar disorder
• Depression
• Personality disorders

We enable people with mental health needs to fulfil their potential on a long-term basis. Once Next Steps has been chosen to provide mental health support, individuals are involved in many aspects of planning their support which enables us to provide bespoke plans of support, and create person-centred risk, and crisis/relapse prevention plans. Within planning a lot of focus is on enhancing self-confidence, esteem and empowerment.

Our pro-active teams support initiatives to help people relearn the skills required for daily living to enhance independence and minimise support. Tailored support for mental health encourages people to build on their skills and strengths.