“Making friends and learning how to look after myself”

“Next Steps is helpful because it has showed me how to do the cooking. I’m being healthy, the Staff has taught me to be good with my diet and I’m being sensible with my drinking now. I love all my old and new staff and I love being friends with my housemates, and I’m friend with Lis and Joan other Next Steps clients. I’m happy in this house, I love being independent by going out on my own, getting the bus on my own. I like tidying and hoovering my own room without being asked, Staff taught me to do this. I love doing my own shopping list and shopping and getting my money out. I love my 1:1 with my staff, I hate it when it’s over! Before Next Steps I didn’t think I could work, now I have 2 jobs at a café and charity shop, I love being helpful and keeping busy.” – Rosa