Sam, Rosa & Rachael

“Close friendships and supporting each other through isolation”

Meet Sam, Rosa and Rachel. These ladies moved into their shared property in Bishop Stortford some ago now and since living together have built up good friendships with each other. Having support has allowed them to improve on their independence and life skills as well as working together on issues which effect all of them.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for the ladies as they love to be social and see their family and friends. Our teams have followed the guidelines put in place, which meant that contact with family and friends has been incredibly limited (compared to usual!). However, it has also meant that the ladies have been able to learn and develop a range of new skills and formulate new solutions to problems. Using facetime and whatsapp messenger has meant that all the ladies living at Cavell Drive have been able to continue their relationships with their families and retain a sense of the sociability that they held so dear to themselves pre-pandemic.

Our Bishop Stortford ladies coped extremely well during the pandemic and supported one another during a difficult time. They all got involved in keeping the service clean and tidy and everyone had their part to play in cleaning the whole house. During the pandemic support staff and the ladies had to get creative with activities such as baking and gardening, even creating an ‘At home beach day’ with the help of staff during the summer. It was brilliant that their local church was offering an on-line service which they all able to enjoy. Although COVID is still around, Rosa, Sam and Rachel have still been enjoying each other’s company and doing the activities they enjoy.