“Taking control of life and making my own choices”

When Theo first joined Next Steps, he clearly identified that travel was something he was passionate about, specifically making the journey to Cyprus. However, there were some obstacles which he needed to overcome to make this a possibility. Initially, Theo was unable to travel by car without an incident occurring. This massively restricted where he could go and the activities, he could take part in locally, so the goal of visiting Cyprus was far out of reach.

Partnership with community teams saw the development of a clear PBS plan that helped identify triggers and ensure a cohesive team response with de-escalation techniques to all situations. With this in place, Theo and his staff have been able to gradually increase the radius and distance which they travel together…all the way to Cyprus for a week long holiday in the sun!

“From day one I wanted to have my own home and travel to Cyprus. I have achieved this now by having more control and having a chance to make choices after being in hospital for 14 years. This was thoroughly planned with me and my family and we all worked to achieve this goal. I have a consistent team who are dedicated to me and meeting my needs.” – Theo