Supporting people with Autism

Working with individuals with Autism is a really rewarding job. You have to get to know each individual really well so you can support them to the best of your ability. This involves reading their person-centred Support Plan and getting to know their likes and dislikes. You are there to help encourage and support each individual with their life and help them gain skills and experiences. You are there to support them live a fulfilling life.

Having a person-centred Support plan enables you to get a good understanding of the individual you are working with. This will inform you of what areas they are independent in, needs prompts and guidance and what they need full support with. This can range from personal care to cooking to activities. Having a Person Centred Support Plan is tailored for that individual. This gives the guidelines that staff work with when supporting each individual- this ensures continuity amongst all staff.

We pride ourselves in being active and engaged with our individuals and it is really important that they have meaningful activities which also includes learning and improving life skills. We like to set goals to work towards and this is completed collectively with our clients so they can tell us what goal they want to work towards next!